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Five Things to know about Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are shots used to protect you while traveling to different areas throughout the world. While certain diseases and illnesses are common within certain areas of the world, the use of these vaccinations will help protect you against these issues, and allow you to have a safe trip. For those who are planning to travel out of the country, there are five things regarding travel vaccinations that you should understand.Travel Clinic Houston

1.  Which vaccinations are needed?

When you are getting vaccinations prior to going on a trip, be aware of the types of vaccinations needed. This is an important step towards ensuring you get the vaccinations that will work to protect you during your travels. There are a few different ways you can ensure that you get the right vaccinations for your travel needs.

Factors to consider when choosing your travel vaccinations are your age, race, and current health status. These different factors can make you more susceptible to disease, and your Houston travel physician may want to give you vaccinations to better protect you. While there are general vaccinations given prior to traveling, the use of additional protective vaccines is important for those who are at a higher risk.

2.  When should vaccinations be given?

Often people think that they can get their travel vaccinations just before leaving the country, but this is not true. Many of the vaccinations used for prevention need time to build within your system before they are effective in preventing disease.

Certain vaccinations are given in series, which means you’ll need to have more than one of the vaccines given to you prior to completing the treatment. Due to the timeframe, and the possible need for additional vaccinations, it is recommended that the shots are received 4 to 6 weeks prior to traveling.

3.  Are vaccinations required for travel?

Travel Medicine HoustonYou’ll want to become familiar with the different diseases and illnesses that are present in the country you are visiting. The types of diseases that are present vary from country to country, and while some vaccinations protect against certain diseases, others do not. Also, the risk of becoming exposed to the diseases present in the country must also be assessed. You can become familiar with your risk of exposure by speaking with your Houston travel medicine doctor, and taking time to do online research regarding disease prevention in the area in question.

While some vaccinations are not required, but used as a preventative measure by the person who is traveling, others are required by country in order for you to cross the border. While becoming familiar with the disease prevention methods used within the country, you can see if any vaccinations are required. If a vaccine is required to enter the country, you’ll need to obtain a certificate from the vaccine administrator, and must provide this to those checking vaccines prior to gaining entrance to the country.

4.  Does a standard physician administer travel vaccinations?

While it is possible to receive your vaccinations from your primary care giver, in most cases this is not recommended unless the physician has special training on travel vaccines. The reason behind this is because the types of vaccinations, and the frequency of administration, both are consistently changing, so those providing the vaccinations keep up with the current requirements. A travel clinic in Houston offers all different types of vaccinations that may be necessary.

5.  Where is the best place to get travel vaccinations?

A travel medicine clinic is a medical facility that offers vaccinations from medical professionals who have training and knowledge regarding travel vaccinations.  Here are some common vaccines offered at a travel medical clinic:

  • Routine vaccines: Includes measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP), varicella (chickenpox), polio (IPV), and influenza (flue shot).
  • Other vaccines: Includes hepatitis A (HAV), typhoid, malaria, rabies, and yellow fever.

Inclusive Clinics in Houston offers Board Certified doctors with significant expertise in travel medicine. If you are traveling to another country and wondering what kind of travel medicines or vaccines are necessary, Inclusive Clinics can help you. Call 832-649-7919 for more information and scheduling with a travel clinic Houston trusts!