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How do Houston Psychiatrists Diagnose ADHD?

ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common condition that can occur within people of all ages. Those who have this condition need to get care in order to maintain certain areas of life and improve overall mental health state. A person who has ADHD can have great difficulties in certain areas. This disorder Psychiatrist Houstonoften causes the patient to experience a difficult time sitting still, as well as trouble focusing on one specific task, completing things throughout the day, or engaging in conversation with another person on one topic.

While these are only some of the symptoms of ADHD, even one symptom can cause distress in the patient’s work, personal, and educational success. If you feel you may have this disorder, get a proper diagnosis from a psychiatrist, who can then provide you with the treatment needed to help with the symptoms.

Initial Process of Diagnosis

In order to be diagnosed with ADHD, you must first meet with a Houston psychiatrist who works with patients who have this disorder. In order to properly diagnose this issue, the psychiatrist will complete a two-step process, done to determine if the condition is present or not. Unlike certain conditions, such as depression or anxiety, diagnosing this type of disorder is not only based on how a patient feels on a day-to-day basis, but it also involves a specialized testing process. This will allow the psychiatrist to determine if the condition is present, to what degree it exists, and which form of the condition is present.

There are two different forms of the condition:  ADHD and ADD (attention deficit disorder). While both conditions have similar symptoms, they differ in one area. Those who ADD will have all of the symptoms of someone with ADHD, yet they will not have the hyperactive quality.

The Interview Process

The first step involved in making a proper diagnosis is the initial meeting with the psychiatrist. During this meeting, the psychiatrist will ask you different questions about your everyday living, and allow you to discuss any concerns you may have. Based on the information that you provide to the psychiatrist at this time, he or she will be able to determine if you have one of the two forms of attention deficit disorder. While the interview process allows the psychiatrist to develop a theory on your mental health status, true diagnosis cannot be made within the second step.

The Testing Process

There is a specific test used within the healthcare field to determine if someone has either ADHD or ADD. The test is a written examination that asks a wide-variety of questions regarding your life, habits, thinking patterns, and emotional status. There are multiple sections on the test that contains questions based on different areas of your life. All questions must be answered to make a diagnosis, and the areas that are testing include:

–       Inattentive qualities – Such as not listening when you are in a conversation.

–       Hyperactive qualities – Such as having a difficult time sitting in one place for a short period of time, or constantly fidgeting.

–       Impulsive qualities – Such as having a hard time waiting for things, or blurting out statements before fully thinking them through.

Making the Diagnosis

After you have answered the questions in these three areas, the doctor will make the diagnosis based upon your answers and what was learned during the initial interview process. If you are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the psychiatrist will discuss the various treatment options available, and choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Inclusive Clinics offers top mental health services in Houston for ADD and ADHD along with services for medical weight loss, pain management, primary care services, outpatient drug rehab and travel medicine. Most insurance is accepted, call 832-649-7919 for more information and scheduling today!