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How to avoid Surgery for Chronic Back Pain

Suffering from chronic back pain can be difficult for many people. When this type of pain is present, is can make it difficult for you to complete daily tasks, and live the life you want. While some people may need to have surgery, based upon their condition, for many, getting surgery as a way to treat chronic back pain is not necessary. According to studies related to chronic back pain, there are several treatments available that do not require surgery, yet are very effective in treating the condition.

Evaluate your ConditionBack pain doctor Houston

There are many different causes for chronic back pain, and the first step is to determine the cause of the pain. While there is not always a cause that can be found, if you work with your doctor, you can take the proper steps needed to avoid surgery. Once the cause of your back pain has been determined, your doctor can develop a customized treatment plan that will address the issue.

The type of treatment used for chronic back pain depends upon your unique case, and the level of response you have to the treatment provided. Some will experience relief from one alternative form of treatment, while others may need a combination of treatments to get rid of the pain and prevent the issue from getting worse.

Physical Therapy

The use of physical therapy can be beneficial for those suffering with chronic back pain due to a wide-variety of causes. The therapist working with you will teach techniques that you can do during the treatment sessions, or on your own time.

These techniques work to relieve pain in the back, stretch the muscles, and also create strength within the muscles, which helps your back to stay strong and prevents your pain from escalating as the condition worsens.. Physical therapy is generally used over a prolonged period of time, as this method of treatment will not only help to heal from the pain, but also keep you stabilized once the pain has begun to subside.

Alter Eating Habits

When your back pain is due to inflammation in the spine or muscles, making changes to your diet will lessen the pain you experience, and prevent the condition from getting worse by naturally reducing the amount of inflammation present in the back. While inflammation is a common cause of chronic back pain, when the area stays inflamed for a prolonged period of time, the nerves and muscles in the back can become damaged, resulting in the need for surgery. By getting the proper nutritional consulting, you’ll be able to avoid surgery by stopping the inflammation immediately.Pain Management Houston TX

Therapeutic Massage

In some cases, the chronic back pain may be present due to tension in the muscles, which causes them to become inflamed and increases the amount of pressure on certain nerves located within the back. A therapeutic massage is different from the standard massage technique provided for relaxation, because it uses a higher amount of pressure to reduce the tension in the back, and provides pain relieving benefits, while also eliminating the risk of further damage to the back.

Chiropractic Care

There are many different reasons that the bones within the back become misaligned. When this occurs, it can cause pressure in the area of the back, which affects the nerves or muscles and leads to chronic back pain. By getting chiropractic care on a regular basis, you can prevent the need for surgery.

For pain management Houston TX trusts, call Inclusive Clinics for treatment. The doctors are Board Certified and offer exceptional care including both medical and interventional pain treatments. In addition, the clinic also offers primary care doctors in Houston, outpatient drug rehab with Suboxone, medical weight loss, travel medicine, physical therapy and psychological counseling for ADD and ADHD.

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