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The Top Five Treatment Options for Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is one of the most common causes of pain in the lower back area. This condition is known to be the main cause of complications within the younger patients who experience back pain. The level of pain experienced from DDD can vary based upon different factors, such your current health status, weight, and age.Back pain center Houston

Getting the right treatment for degenerative disc disease is important, as this condition not only causes pain to be present in the lower back area, but it can get worse overtime. When determining the treatment that is right for you, both the issue of instability within the degenerative discs and the inflammation should be addressed. For those with the condition, there are five common methods of treatment that are often used successfully.

1. Pain Medications

Pain medication is often used as a form of treatment for those with DDD. Due to the effect that the pain can have on those with this condition, the type of pain medication used is dependent upon the amount of pain a person experiences, as well as response to treatment.

The first type of pain medication used is over the counter anti-inflammatory agents. This type of medication works by reducing inflammation around the discs and lowering pain levels. If over the counter anti-inflammatories are not effective in treating DDD, the doctor may prescribe prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication. This medication works in the same manner, but is stronger than the form sold over the counter.

Narcotics are sometimes prescribed to reduce the pain associated with DDD, either on alone or when other forms of medication are not effective. This type of medication works to stop the brain from receiving pain signals from the body. While opiate treatment is effective, the amount of medication needed can increase, and physical addiction can occur. Therefore, it is generally only prescribed on a short term basis.

2. Muscle Relaxers
Muscle relaxers work to provide relief for degenerative disc disease, but not in the same manner as pain medications. When you take a muscle relaxer, it helps to relax the muscles located around the discs in the lower back, which relieves pain in the area. There are different forms available, and some are stronger than others. Commonly prescribed agents include Flexiril and Robaxin.Pain Management Houston TX

3. Chiropractic Care
The use of chiropractic care can be effective in treating degenerative disc disease. The professional who works in this field will use special techniques to reposition the bones in your body, which can relieve pressure and alleviate pain. Chiropractic care can also help the area to heal, while releasing chemicals in the body that provide natural pain relief.

4. Massage Therapy
Getting a therapeutic massage on the area of the lower back can decrease the level of pain present in the area by improving the amount of blood flow in the lower back. Additionally massage therapy reduces stiffness in the muscles, which can cause the pain to occur due to the added pressure on the discs. When using massage therapy as your form of treatment, you want to choose a clinic that offers massages at a medical level. For example, a regular massage is typically somewhat light in pressure, and offers a relaxing feel, whereas the pressure used for a therapeutic massage is harder, and it can provide lasting benefits.

5. Alternative Treatments

There are a few different forms of alternative treatments that can relieve your DDD pain. A common treatment used for those with this disease is homeopathic medicine, such as Rhus Tox, which works by removing stiffness from the muscles and reducing inflammation from the lower back area.

Inclusive Clinics offers top treatment for back pain including degenerative disc disease and arthritis along with sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia and numerous other conditions. Inclusive offers pain management Houston TX trusts, along with medical weight loss, physical therapy, psychiatry, outpatient drug rehab with Suboxone and primary care services.

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