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What are the Best Treatment Options for ADHD?

For those who suffer with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dealing with the symptoms that occur without the proper treatment can be difficult. Those with ADHD have many areas of life compromised due to the condition, as it often causes issues with social, educational, and career life.

This condition differs from attention deficit disorder (ADD), which only shows signs of inattentiveness. Those with the hyperactivity aspect find it difficult to sit still for more than a few minutes, talk loudly, do not think things through before they say them, and they can have a hard time paying attention to Mental Health Treatment Houstonsomething or someone for a short period of time. By getting right the treatment for ADHD, the symptoms can improve, as well as the person’s quality of life.

Stimulant Medications

There are a few different medications used to treat ADHD. While there are several medications, they fall within two different categories. The first type of medication is called a stimulant, and the second is a non-stimulant medication. Both of these medications work in different ways to help improve the symptoms of ADHD.

Stimulant medications fall within the class of drugs designed to provide a calming effect for those who have ADHD, while also improving the patient’s level of concentration. When someone who doesn’t have ADHD takes a stimulant medication, also called an amphetamine, he or she will experience an increased level of energy, and may feel “speedy.” However, the use of amphetamines has the opposite effect on those who have ADHD. Rather than speeding the person up, he or she will experience a sense of calm, and the mind will be relieved of the racing thoughts that often come along with this condition.

There are different medications that fall within the stimulant class. One of the oldest stimulant medications is called Dexedrine, but due to the high potential for addiction to this medication, it is often the least commonly prescribed. Adderall is another medication that falls within this class, and it works in a similar Psychiatrist Houstonmanner to Dexedrine. However, it contains four different amphetamines, rather than only the d-amphetamine that is present in the medication Dexedrine. While these two medications work in a similar manner, Adderall is known to have more central nervous system (CNS) stimulation than Dexedrine.

Other medications that fall within the stimulant class include Ritalin, Folican, Vyvance, and Concerta. The effectiveness of these medications depends upon the patient’s response, and generally the patient is prescribed the lowest dose possible to treat their condition, which prevents unwanted side effects. These medications work as either an instant release or extended release. An instant release medication will provide all of the medication to the patient at one time, while an extended release medication will provide half of the medication when it is first taken, and the second half over the next 6-12 hours.

Non-Stimulant ADHD Medications

There are also non-stimulant options for ADHD treatment. While these medications have shown to be more effective for those with ADD, they are still used for treatment in ADHD patients. A non-stimulant medication works by helping the patient to focus for longer periods of time, without providing the stimulating action. Examples include agents like Strattera.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used in combination with medications to help the patient learn different techniques to manage the condition, while improving various areas of life. These life skills are taught to the patient through regular sessions, and he or she is encouraged to make them part of their everyday life by using them for tasks that they find challenging due to the ADHD.

Inclusive Clinics offers Houston mental health treatment with Board Certified doctors. Treatment is offered individually and also in group settings. Psychiatry services are offered with medication management for ADHD, depression and more. Most insurance is accepted.

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