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What are the Best Treatment Options for High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure (HBP) is a condition that can be managed with the right method of treatment. For those who experience high blood pressure, there are certain lifestyle changes and medications used to treat the condition by lowering your blood pressure levels. For those with high blood pressure, also called hypertension or HTN, taking the steps needed to lower blood pressure levels can greatly reduce the risks associated with this condition.Family Practice Physician Houston TX

Keeping Blood Pressure in Check

The main goal of the different treatment methods used for those who have hypertension is to maintain a healthy blood pressure level by keeping your blood pressure under control. While the goal is typically to keep your blood pressure within the range of 140/90, those with certain health conditions may need to keep it within a lower range.

This will be determined by your Houston primary care doctor prior to starting the treatment plan that is best suited for you. A treatment plan for lowering blood pressure levels will include both medication and certain lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Changes

In order to keep your blood pressure levels in the proper range, one of the biggest lifestyle changes to be made is related to eating habits. Being overweight is commonly known to cause high blood pressure levels, but changing your weight in order to meet your weight loss goal is part of your treatment plan and can help you to lower your blood pressure. You doctor will discuss healthy eating patterns with you, Family Doctor Houstonwhich should be used as part of your everyday living for the highest level of beneficial effects. Part of the diet used for your treatment plan will include foods that are low in both sodium and salt, as these are known to cause blood pressure levels to increase.

Taking part in regular exercise is important for those who have high blood pressure. According to studies, the positive benefits of exercise daily can reduce your blood pressure levels within the first week, and the levels will remain consistent with a regular routine.

Also, depending on your personal lifestyle choices, you may need to reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume daily. While alcohol can be healthy in small amounts, those who consume excessive amounts will experience a spike in their blood pressure levels. Reducing tobacco smoke is also used as part of a treatment plan for some.


Your doctor may prescribe medication to treat your HTN, and there are several different medications used. The medication that is prescribed to you will be based upon your health status, as well as your response to the medication prescribed. While working towards a treatment plan with your doctor, he or she will be able to explain the different medication options that are available, how each of these medications work, and offer you with information on why one specific type of medication would be best suited for your needs.

After you start taking the high blood pressure medication, you’ll want to keep track of the effects it provides for you, in both negative and positive aspects. For example, taking your blood pressure weekly after starting the medication will determine if it is working for you. You should also report any negative side effects you experience while taking the medication.

Some side effects occur in everyone during the startup of treatment. However, they will typically lessen overtime. If the side effects of the medication do not go away after six weeks of treatment, discussing a different medication approach with your doctor will help you to get the most from your complete treatment plan.

The Board Certified Houston family doctors offer comprehensive treatment for patients for conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and more. There are a plethora of services offered at Inclusive Clinics including travel medicine, pain management, outpatient drug rehab, psychiatry services and medical weight loss. Call 832-649-7919 for more information and scheduling today!