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What are the Best Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes?

For those with diabetes type 2, there are many different treatment options available that can help reduce the symptoms of the condition, while also preventing it from getting worse. Based on your current health status, and the level of treatment that you need, your doctor will be able to decide the best treatment option for you. There are many lifestyle changes to be made when type 2 diabetes is present, such as diet, exercise and weight loss.Primary Care Physician Houston TX


There are several different classes of medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. While all of the drugs prescribed work to lower your blood sugar levels, the drugs have different mechanisms of action. The following actions are present in various medications used to treat the condition:

–       Stopping stomach enzymes from breaking down carbohydrates.

–       Acting to improve the level of sensitivity that cells have to insulin.

–       Changing the production and release of glucose that is supplied by the liver.

–       Making the pancreas produce and release higher levels of insulin through stimulation.

While the medications prescribed for type 2 diabetes work in one of the ways previously mentioned, there are several different medications that fall within each class. Some of the medications are taken through oral administration, while others are taken as an injection. Choosing the medication that is best for your condition is done through examination and then weighing the benefits and complications that each medication will provide for your unique case.

Some people may have to try a number of medications until they find the one that is right for their type 2 diabetes, while others may need to take more than one type of medication for best treatment results. While working on a treatment plan with your Houston Primary Care Physician, he or she will discuss the mechanism of each medication you are prescribed, and why this particular form is right for your health needs.

Diabetes TreatmentDiet Changes

Aside from medication, your family doctor in Houston may suggest certain lifestyle changes that can improve diabetes type 2 and prevent it from escalating. It is recommended that those who have diabetes maintain a high-fiber diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The reasoning behind this is because high-fiber foods have a low glycemic index, which will help you maintain a steady blood sugar level, while reducing the chance of your blood sugar levels jumping to high levels quickly. The rise in blood sugar can occur with certain foods that contain high levels of sugar and carbohydrates.


Getting the right amount of exercise each day will lower your blood sugar levels. Prior to starting any type of exercise routine, you need to discuss your exercise options with your physician to ensure the ones you choose are safe for your health. Once you decide upon a routine, or varying routines that meet your needs, the routine should be maintained at least once year day for a period of 30-60 minutes.

Checking Blood Sugar LevelsPrimary Care Doctor Houston

One of the best things you can do to maintain healthy blood sugar levels is to check your levels on a regular basis. By checking your levels throughout the day, which means in-between meals and after eating, you can see how your daily activities affect your blood sugar, and then make the changes needed to improve the levels. The type of testing kit you use, and the times of day you should perform the testing, will vary based on your condition. Therefore, this method of treatment should be discussed with your Houston doctor to achieve the best results.

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