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What are the Differences between ADD and ADHD?

Both ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can have a severe impact on many areas of a person’s life, including personal and social well being. While both of these conditions portray symptoms that are exactly the same, they also differ based upon certain characteristics.

Through a special testing process, the type of attention deficit condition present in the patient can be detected. By Psychiatrist Houston TXdetermining which form of the condition exists, the doctor can provide the patient with the proper method of treatment.

ADD Overview

ADD, also known as attention deficient disorder, is a condition that occurs in people of all ages. While the condition is generally detected during childhood, sometimes, ADD can go undiagnosed well into adulthood.

Those who fall under this area are known to be the inattentive type, and many of these symptoms relate to the inability to pay attention to things for a short period of time. For example, someone who has ADD may have a hard time reading a book, or paying attention to others while they are speaking to them.

Characteristics and Symptoms of ADD

Those who fall within this category have certain characteristics that may make life difficult, and also make others think that they are lazy or unmotivated, when the person actually has a mental health condition. ADD can improve with the right method of treatment. Some of the characteristics that are seen in those who have ADD include:

–       Difficulty with paying attention to others

–       Difficulty completing tasks

–       May often be forgetful

–       Appear to be distractedMental Health Treatment Houston

–       Unorganized

–       Often loses of forgets items

There are also behavioral signs that are shown in those who have ADD. This includes:

–       Slow when responding to information that requires processing

–       Difficulty paying attention to things that are not interesting

–       Daydreaming often and may even appear to be shy to others

ADHD Overview

Those with ADHD are known as the hyperactive type, and this often means the person will portray some signs that are similar to those with ADD, yet have the hyperactive characteristic, which makes their diagnosis different. Additionally, some people with ADHD show significant signs of this type, but others may show signs of both ADHD and ADD.

Those people also have a different time paying attention, responding to information, talking with others, or display other attention issues. For those who have symptoms that fall within both categories, they are considered to be the initiative and hyperactive type.

ADHD Characteristics and Symptoms

Some of the signs of ADHD include:

–       Inability to sit still for even a short period of timeMental Health Services Houston

–       Is often seen fidgeting with items

–       May have a hard time standing in one place, and will move from side to side

–       Seems to be always on the go

–       May say things without thinking them through

–       Has a difficult time waiting their turn

–       Appears to be impatient

The behavioral signs of this condition include:

–       Often playing loudly

–       Seems to never tire out

–       May talk loud, or even shout when speaking to others

–       May act on impulsive behaviors

ADD and ADHD Treatment

Detecting the type of attention deficit condition is the first step towards proper treatment. In order to detect which type is present, a testing process must be used to pinpoint the condition. By having the patient answer a series of questions, and conducting an examination, the Houston mental health doctor is able to diagnose ADD or ADHD. After the diagnosis is made, therapy and medication are often used to help those with the condition get control over the symptoms they are experiencing.

Inclusive Wellness offers psychiatry treatment Houston TX trusts and respects, with mental health services being provided either one on one or in a group setting. Numerous insurances are accepted, please call 832-649-7919 for further information and scheduling.