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What are the Differences between Outpatient versus Inpatient Drug Rehab?

What are the Differences between Outpatient versus Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Seeking the proper treatment for drug addiction is the first step towards recovery. While some people may feel they can stop drug addiction on their own, there are certain circumstances that can make this difficult. For example, if the drugs cause withdrawal symptoms to occur, in either mental or physical ways, the addict may return to the drug of choice, thinking the use will be short-lived. However, this can lead to a rapid cycle of use that will get worse overtime.

By choosing to get help for addiction from a professional treatment center, you are increasing your changes for recovery greatly. There are two different types of rehab centers that can be used for the rehabilitation process, and choosing the one that is best suited for your needs will make recovery possible.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

An outpatient drug rehabilitation (rehab) facility is a type of program that the person will attend each day. However, unlike an inpatient facility, the patient will return home at the end of the treatment day, and then return the following day to continue therapy. While everyday treatment from an outpatient facility is generally used in early recovery, the time needed at the facility may lessen overtime, and the patients will attend weekly or on a bi-weekly basis. Eventually, rehab treatment ends when the patient’s therapist and the patient both decide that person has the skills needed to maintain recovery.

There are two different forms of therapy provided at an outpatient drug rehab facility. The first type is one-on-one, where the patient will meet with the therapist to discuss the recovery, as well as any issues that occur during the recovery process. The patient will also attend group therapy, which offers them the chance to meet others who are recovering from drug addiction, and to discuss the process of addiction and how it had affected their life.

The main goal of an outpatient rehab facility is to use different cognitive behavioral techniques, which will help the patient maintain sobriety by changing the thought patterns. Some of the forms of therapy used within an outpatient facility include cognitive therapy, motivational support, and family therapy sessions aimed to provide understanding and planning to all members of the family.

At Inclusive Clinics, a Board Certified doctor offers drug rehab Houston trusts. Suboxone is offered at the practice which can be exceptionally helpful for treatment success.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

The care provided through an inpatient drug rehab facility is more intense than the care provided in an outpatient facility. Many times, those who attend an inpatient drug rehab will be directed to further care through an outpatient program that will be set up prior to leaving the program.Drug Rehab Houston

The first treatment offered through an inpatient facility is helping the patient to remove the drugs from the system safely. Some drugs cause several physical withdrawals, and some substances can even cause death to occur during the withdrawal process. During the start of treatment, the patient will be given medications that will stop the drug, while lowering the withdrawal symptoms experienced. These medications also reduce the health risks to the patient. During the time that the medications are given, the patient will have his or her vital signs monitored regularly, and any issues that occur will be met with prompt medical care.

While spending time at the drug rehab, the patient will stay overnight and will receive therapy during the day at the center. Some programs last for a few days, while others can last for several months. After the patient is stable from the initial recovery process, he or she will begin different forms of therapy to help with the recovery. The therapy and methods used in an inpatient facility are similar to those that are present in an outpatient facility, but they occur more often.

Inclusive Clinics offer drug rehab Houston trusts. Success rates for the outpatient treatment offered is high. Call 832-649-7919 for more information and scheduling for addiction treatment in Houston!