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What are the Treatment Options at a Houston Travel Clinic?

When you are traveling to a different country, there are certain vaccinations available that protect you from different diseases while you are spending time in another region. While some of the travel vaccinations are optional, others are required by the country you are visiting, and a travel clinic can offer you with information on the requirements of each country. A travel clinic also provides you with many services related to your overall health when you are planning to travel, and can offer answers to all of the questions you may have, even those that do not directly pertain to the vaccinations.Travel Medicine Houston

Travel Medicine Consulting

Consulting services from a travel clinic are one treatment option provided by this type of facility. While this type of service does not provide you with direct administration of any type of medicine or vaccination, it protects your health by providing you with useful information based upon the area you are visiting. Additionally, the travel consultant can assist with any health issues and increased risks you may have for certain types of illnesses during your travel.

During the consulting process, the consultant will provide you with current and updated information regarding the area where you are traveling. The information provided includes the type of illnesses that are present in the area where you are traveling, and the way that the illness is transmitted from one person to another. Also, the travel consultant working at the facility will provide you with information on steps you can take to avoid the common diseases present in the country.

The information provided from a travel consultant on preventative measures will include medications and treatments that can be used prior to traveling. They will also provide you with information on the types of vaccines required, those that are recommended, how each type of vaccine is administered, how many are required, and the length of time for administration prior to traveling. The consultant will also provide you with information on crime prevention and safety measures to use during your travels.

Administering Vaccines

Travel clinic HoustonThe Houston travel clinic you choose for your travel vaccinations will perform the administration of the vaccines right in the facility. The personnel will generally set up a time for you to get the vaccines, which is based on the type of vaccines you’ll be getting, as well as the amount of time it takes for the vaccines to become active within your system. Some vaccines may take four to five weeks before they will protect you from disease, so proper timing is key to protecting yourself during your travels.

The clinic will also provide you with a certificate that has information on the vaccines you have received from the travel clinic. This certificate is provided to use when you are checking for proper vaccinations prior to entering the country. Without this certificate, you’ll be unable to cross the border.

Travel Medicine Prescriptions

Based on the information that was provided to you during the travel consultation, you may decide that certain preventive medications are right for you. If you decide to use these medications, which can help you in times when you think exposure may have occurred, the travel clinic will provide you with a written prescription, which will allow you to obtain the medication and take it with you during your travels. The personnel will also provide you with information on how to take the medication given to you, as some will need to start dosing prior to traveling, and others will only be taken in the event of a suspected exposure.

Inclusive Clinics offers several vital services to help you including travel medicine, medical weight loss, mental health services, primary care, outpatient drug rehab and pain management.

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