• Laser Liposuction

    We now offer Liposuction.Laser liposuction technique uses laser energy to reduce fat. No injections or incisions. Laser fat reduction treatment uses low doses of laser therapy to target areas of the body. Light energy disrupts fat cell membranes, releasing intra-cellular fat. Intense exercise after treatment accelerates the breakdown and removal of fat from the area.1 Continue Reading

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  • Family Doctors & Primary Care

    Inclusive Wellness offers Board Certified Family Doctors along with a Primary Care Physician in Houston.

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  • Medical Weight Loss Houston

    Medical weight loss treatment with a Board Certified Houston family and primary care doctor.

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  • Psychiatrists Houston TX

    Offering Houston psychiatrist services for ADD, ADHD, depression and more.

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  • Physical Rehabilitation

    Houston physical therapy for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sciatica, arthritis and more.

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  • Pain Management Houston TX

    Medication and interventional pain treatments, drug rehab, substance abuse and suboxone treatment.

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What to look for in a Family Practice Doctor?

The process of choosing a family practice doctor is one that involves more steps than choosing your own primary care physician. When choosing the medical professional to provide care for your family, there are different things you’ll want to look for, which will help you choose the practitioner that is best for the needs of your family. The person you choose to fill this position will be responsible for providing care for each member of your family, so the varying needs of the members must all be considered.

Personal Connection

While choosing a doctor for your family, you want to select someone who, not only offers a professional atmosphere, but makes those within your family feel comfortable. The doctor you choose will be helping your family through many different obstacles regarding health and well-being, so each member should feel comfortable with the doctor in order to be able to discuss their health needs and concerns during the visit. The doctor you choose should also be able to answer any questions regarding different health concerns of your family. A good family doctor will be open to discussion of even the smallest issues, and he or she will provide you with the answers you need until you reach a Primary Care Physician Houston TXdesirable comfort level.

Regardless of the age of those who are getting care from the doctor, you should take the time to explain different medical procedures and problems to the members of your family in a manner that can be understand. Also, while you or your family members are visiting with the doctor, you want to choose someone who spends enough time with you during the appointment. Having enough time during the appointment to feel your conditions or concerns were properly addressed will help you feel confident about the care your family is receiving from the family care practitioner.

Office Environment

Due to the varying schedules of families, you want to choose a family doctor who has office hours that work with your family’s schedules. You may also want to choose a facility that offers care by more than one physician, as this will save on time during doctors’ visits for multiple members of the family, while also allowing certain members of the family to get specialized care, such as younger children who need a family doctor who works has a specialty in pediatrics.

Another thing you may want to determine is the hospital that your family doctor uses for testing and procedures. Some people have a preference when it comes to the hospital where they receive care, and if the doctor does not normally use your hospital of preference, you’ll want to ask him or her if using the hospital of your choice would be an option, should you decide to use the doctor for your healthcare needs.

Set up an Appointment

After you have found a practice or doctor that meets the different needs regarding your family, setting up an initial appointment is the best way to ensure the person is the right match for your family. By meeting with the doctor and getting your first checkup, you’ll gain a first-hand idea of how the doctor functions, and if he or she meets your medical needs fully during the time of the healthcare checkup. While a family doctor is first a professional who must have your best health in mind, typically you will use this physician for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, it’s important that you choose someone with you can build an ongoing relationship.

Inclusive Clinics is a first rate Houston family practice that offers care for the entire family. Most insurance is accepted at the practice. Inclusive Clinics also offers mental health services, medical weight loss, pain management, travel medicine and more.

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